Team Sports Real Time Notification


RecClix improves the sporting experience
for everyone involved.

 › Parents & Players

  • No need to register or provide any additional information.
  • No need to constantly check websites or call hotlines to see if something is cancelled – all important information is communicated to you directly.
  • Automatically receive event reminders including cancellations, reschedules and special instructions.
  • Get a consolidated calendar of all of your families activities.
  • Easy access to contact information for the people associated with your teams.
  • Manage your families contact information so it is correct. Add grandparents, friends, and car pool buddies to the contact list so they know when and where games are being played.

› Coaches

  • The team is notified about all practices and games without the coach having to do anything.
  • Have easy access to just their team’s schedule, roster and player and parent contact information from a computer or smartphone without having to add any of it themselves.
  • Easily send emails and texts to your entire team, your other coaches, just the players or just the parents or individuals with just a few clicks.

› Administrators

  • Provides timely, necessary and appreciated communications with your players and participants.
  • Make managing leagues, teams and schedules easier.
  • Cancelling and rescheduling events is simple and notifications are automatic.
  • Player evaluation and team creation can be easily automated.
  • Assign officials to games and include them in the communication loop – they automatically receive reminders, reschedule and cancellation notices too.
  • Create group emails and texts for specific leagues or teams. You can also send group communications by roles: administrators, coaches, team parents, players and parents.
  • People can manage their own information so it is always accurate and up to date.