Team Sports Real Time Notification


RecClix streamlines and simplifies how your organization communicates with participants and their parents.

Over the course of a season, you need to communicate with the people in your programs for a variety of reasons. There are very routine contacts like when and where are try outs, meetings, practices and games. Then there are more ad hoc communications – practice is cancelled, a game is rescheduled, a new tournament is added. Finally, there are time-critical communications: practice ended early, come pick up your child; a glove was left at the field; or maybe there’s an injury and the parent needs to be notified.

Traditional methods – hotlines, website updates, automated calling to home phones, calling trees – can be cumbersome, inefficient, not timely, ineffective or all of the above. For the ad hoc and time critical communications, using email or group text lists requires every administrator and coach to gather all of the parties’ contact information and get it on their computer and smart phone. RecClix provides a platform that allows administrators and coaches to quickly, easily and securely contact the right group of people with the information they need, when they need it.

RecClix is deployed via the “cloud”. It can be implemented very quickly and requires no additional technology investment by your organization. RecClix can be accessed from your computer or smartphone.

› Communicate

Automatically send game, practice and other event reminders that include day, time, location, directions, and any coach’s comments and instructions specific to that event. Authorized users can cancel or reschedule an event (or a group of events) with just a couple of clicks. Notifications are sent to only those who are impacted. Administrators or coaches can easily contact participants and their parents using email or text messaging without having to gather all of that information and add it to their device. No more hotlines, last minute webpage updates, mass email lists, group text lists or calling trees. Parents and players can manage their own contact information in RecClix so it is always up to date.

› Parent/Player Mobile Applicationparent_app

This web application allows parents and players a short cut into RecClix. They can see a consolidated list of all of their upcoming events – across teams, leagues and even accounts. The app also provides team rosters with contact information for the other players on the team and their parents (as applicable).

› Administrator Mobile Application

Many of the functions in RecClix can be completed from a smartphone. With the RecClix Admin App, authorized users can quickly view all upcoming events. The user can cancel or reschedule events, add comments or even assign officials. Admins and Coaches can also send group or individual emails or texts to players, parents, and coaches for a team, a league or the entire organization.

› Team Builder

This tool gives Administrators the ability to create and manage team rosters. Players can be evaluated for skills and experience using a completely custom, electronic evaluation form. Once all players are scored, you can draft players onto teams in one of two ways – Manually or Automatically. With the manual draft, players are listed in evaluation score order and “dragged and dropped” onto a team. They can be traded between teams in the same way. With the automatic draft feature, RecClix will create teams for you using an algorithm that takes into account the different factors needed to create balanced teams. Once you’re done, RecClix will send an email to all of the parents and players letting them know what team they are on, who else is on their team and giving them a chance to review and update their contact information.

› Manage Officials

Our Manage Officials functionality allows you to assign officials (e.g., referees, linesmen, scorekeepers) to an event and have them receive notifications that include the date, time, and location of their assignment. They will also automatically receive any game cancellation or reschedule notices. Officials can easily notify the head of officials when they have a conflict or can’t make a game.

› Import Data

RecClix provides a mapping tool that allows you to export information from your existing registration and/or scheduling systems into RecClix. It is as simple as creating a CSV file export from the existing system, mapping field names to their RecClix equivalents using our mapping tool, and then importing the file. An administrative screen allows you to easily resolve conflicts and validate that the information was added correctly.

RecClix improves the sporting experience for administrators, coaches, players and parents. Because, everyone will have the information they need, when they need it, your program will be recognized as one that is well organized and well run. Having well informed participants and their parents means you will have satisfied, and hopefully repeat customers.