Team Sports Real Time Notification


“ReClix is a state of the art, real-time, communication tool making it as simple as possible to get information regarding program cancellations, re-scheduling and even program locations! This type of tool is essential to keep everyone informed, especially in the case of last minute changes as the real-time feature puts any changes right in your hands through emails and/or text messages. This tool is the solution to providing vital and fast real-time information to parents, coaches, and everyone else involved in a specific program.”

Anthony J. Anaszewicz – Program Supervisor in Athletics
City of Lake Forest Parks & Recreation Department

“My favorite RecClix story this year was after we won a big football game and everybody was in the mood to celebrate. As everybody was leaving or in their cars, a coach sent a RecClix text to the whole team to meet at a pizza place to celebrate. Within seconds, everybody on the team received the message and it was wonderful, because we were all able to meet. The key is that nobody was left out.”

Maria Cronin – Team Mom
St. Mary Football Team

“The system generates practice and game reminders so that parents can receive information at all times.”

Richard Fontana
Lake Bluff Baseball Association

“RecClix has really come in and solved our communication issues that we’ve had, with coaches all off doing their own things. Now we’ve got one package, one system, everyone’s on the same page, and it’s made life so much easier.”

David Mandel – President
Players Edge Baseball & Softball Academy